I’m a former Contributing Editor of the Harvard Review and the Boston Book Review. My novel Wire Mother Monkey Baby was published in 2017 by Outpost19, a small, independent publisher in San Francisco. My stories have appeared in the Tampa Review, Kennesaw Review, Mad Hatter’s Review, flashquake, Vestal Review,  Eunoia Review, Dillydoun Review, Locust Candy, Hobart Pulp, and Ooligan Press’s You Have Time for This: Contemporary American Short-Short Stories.

In a previous life, I taught tenth-grade language arts at Gainesville High School (FL), Tom Petty’s school. I’ve lived in Austin, Texas, since 1994. I’m a big fan of cats, dogs, and children.

WIRE MOTHER MONKEY BABY can be found here at the publisher’s web site:


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  1. I just read Stolen Flowers and your writing touched my soul. As a member of the young onset PD club I started reading your memoir from a PD standpoint. Only to discover that we went to SHS together. (Debbie Cox 77) I could see and hear my mom as you described yours. Were they always that way or were their behaviors a manifestation of being a military wife and the inherit pecking order? Your comment about the toxic landfill was eye opening. There is definitely a cancer cluster in SB but I didn’t realize others have PD. I blame my PD to exposure to mosquito spraying. Thanks for sharing your story. You have motivated me to keep fighting PD for not only myself but my family too,


    1. It’s great to hear from a fellow Scorpion, and that you were touched by something I wrote. I’m sorry to hear about your young onset PD. Thankfully, I’ve avoided any major health issues so far, but we’re getting up there in age. I’m curious how you found my site. You’re probably the only person besides me who’s visited in a month. I suspect that my mother was influenced by the harsh, Depression-era upbringing she had at the hands of her own mother. But who knows. The constant moving probably got to her, too. I’ve managed to avoid having kids, so my neuroses will die with me. 😉 Keep fighting.


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